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Get Started

Want to get moving on your journey toward a new modular home? We’re happy to help explain the process for you — step-by-step.

First Meeting

We’ll gather all of the information that we need from you, and review our gallery of available designs, while also making available custom modifications. After you make these choices, we’ll go to the manufacturing company to get a quote to present to you the next time that we meet.

Time After First Meeting

2 Weeks

With initial quotes in hand, we compare them to your budget and discuss any modifications needed to achieve your goal. Your chosen builder will be present at this meeting to answer any questions. At this time, a deposit is required for the first set of drawings to be created.

4 Weeks

We’ll give you a chance to review the drawings, and we can make any necessary adjustments and/or alterations to the design.

6 Weeks 

This is our final design meeting. We’ll review final prices with you, have you sign the contract, set the delivery schedule, complete permitting applications, and finalize procedures. Please Note: Permitting and site work takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

3 Months

The day that the house is delivered! Join our crew for lunch, and make sure to bring your camera — it’s an exciting time!

6 Months

You move into your new home!

Curious to learn more about the process? We’re happy to clarify — call us at 508-430-2510 today!