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Free Consultation and Estimation

We can help you choose the house of your dreams (size, model, budget, plans), with all your customizations. We offer a wide variety of standard plans, plus choices and upgrades, or you are welcome to bring your own plans.

Engineering Assistance

We can help you with the location of your home, garage, septic system and driveway on your lot. We can also help with demolition decisions, town regulations, setbacks, zoning, conservation, and historic guidelines.

Financial Institution Assistance

We can help you with the procedures for your mortgage or construction loan by providing your bank or mortgage company with all necessary information, plans, estimations, specifications, permits, and project draw schedule.

Builder Assistance

Massachusetts State Law requires a licensed construction supervisor for the permit process for a modular project. We can help you find the right general contractor to complete your home. Pleasant Bay Homes has been working with these licensed and insured builders:

  • Breakwater Construction (Brewster, MA)
  • Jeffrey Jones Classic Construction (Brewster, MA)

Pleasant Bay Homes offers superior quality modular homes from Excel Homes and Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes LLC, both leaders in technology and innovation and two of the top modular home suppliers in North America. Yes! We are building green! From design to construction, your home from Pleasant Bay Homes is built with low environmental impact in mind. We use recycled and Energy Star rated materials. You will pay less to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, and your house will be healthier for your family, your budget, your neighborhood, and the planet!

Teardown & Rebuild

Are you currently living on the Cape? Do you enjoy your lifestyle and your quaint town or village? Have you established ties in the schools and community and become friends with your neighbors?

If this sounds like your situation, but your home isn’t up to par, you usually have two options: remodel your present home, or tear down and rebuild a new home on your existing property. And while remodeling has long been the popular option, building a new home can be significantly less expensive and faster!

While remodeling projects can take a year or more, we can have your new home built in months. In the case of a modular home, you know exactly what you're spending, how much you are financing, and when you’ll be moving in. Working on time and within your budget is the one of the major advantages of working with us!

Don’t delay! Give us a call at 508-430-2510, and we can have the process started faster than you think!