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Why Modular Homes?

There are many things that make a modular-built home different. From expediency of construction to the reduction in external variables, choosing modular construction for your next house can prove to be an incredibly beneficial decision for you and your family.

Weather Consistency

One of the key differences between a conventionally-built home and a modular home is that the latter is assembled in a climate-controlled factory. While this might sound trivial, being built in such an environment reduces the chances of weather related delays or problems. When coupled with the fact that building supplies are stored in on-site warehouses, it also ensures materials will be dry and acclimated.

Speed of Construction

Modular homes are typically completed in around ⅓ the amount of time that a site-built home necessitates. Site work can be done while your home is being built, which reduces the amount of time of the overall project and can also result in reduced interest on your financing. With experienced workers that have built countless homes working inside a factory that eliminates weather variables, our manufacturers work year-round to build homes with expediency.

Lower Prices

Given the control exerted over the numerous variables that can affect site-built homes, modular homes enjoy much more predictable costs. Manufacturers are able to buy materials in bulk for less. Additionally, factories eliminate weather-related delays — which means less interest out of your pocket!

Superior Quality Construction

When your home is built in a setting without variables, it is immune to weather-related damage and deterioration. Our homes are built as such, so the integrity of your home isn’t at risk.

Unbeatable Energy Efficiency

Our homes are built with state-of-the-art construction techniques and methodology — meaning that you can trust that it’s up-to-date and will function year-round.

Freedom of Design Choices

Building a modular home doesn’t mean that you’re resigning yourself to one particular construction. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth! We have hundreds of options and design possibilities for you to choose from — no matter your tastes, you’re sure to move into a home that you like.

Building Green

Building an energy-efficient home lessens the environmental impact on your particular piece of land. Living in an energy-efficient home has myriad benefits: you use less energy, water, and natural resources. You’ll realize both with our homes.

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