Get Started with Modular Homes

Modular homes are a great way to enjoy the comforts of a brand-new home – without waiting years and paying exorbitant costs for a custom-made design. Pleasant Bay Homes may build in a factory, but our houses are anything but cookie-cutter.

Here’s a look at our six-month process

First meeting

Choose your design, and then get a quote from our manufacturers.

Time after first meeting two weeks later

Compare quotes to your budget. Meet your builder. Start work on the first set of drawings.

One month later

Review drawings and make any adjustments

Six weeks

Final design meeting. We begin preparing your lot for your home’s arrival.

Three months

Your home arrives! This is an exciting time. Our crew begins installing the home on your lot.

Six months

Congratulations! Your home is now move-in ready.

Advantages of a modular home

Weather consistency | Speed of construction | Lower prices | Superior quality construction | Unbeatable energy efficiency | Freedom of design choices | Building green

Moving away from the traditional home-building process has huge advantages for the homeowner. For one, most homes are built outdoors, which means that weather can degrade their building materials even as they’re being built. Building a home in a climate-controlled factory means that the structural elements of your house will never be endangered by rain or snow.

In addition, weather will never endanger your schedule. Because of this, and because our team can conduct site work while your home is being built, building a modular home takes 30% as long as building a traditional home. These homes are also less expensive because materials can be bought in bulk, and once again there’s no risk of material spoilage or delays due to weather. Lastly, building your home in a factory setting lends itself to unbeatable efficiency. We can always choose the greenest materials, and design your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC system with the greatest efficiency in mind. This means that once you move into your house, your ongoing cost of living – your plumbing, heating, and electricity bills – will be less.